Cleverly Crafted Products for your Kids

Made Personal

At Personalised Kids’ Stuff

our philosophy is simple.

To provide easy to clean, practical, stylish products for toddlers and school age kids to eat and drink from – products that are as chemical free and environmentally safe as possible. Products we are proud to personalise with your child’s name.

Our products are for families concerned about minimising the use of dangerous chemicals – and also minimising the environmental pollution these can cause.

You will find they are intelligently chosen to meet the needs of a new generation of children who deserve the best. We want you to think of us when you need personalised baby gifts, personalised name bands for your kids’ water bottles, must have Montessori toys and great presents for children.  We want to provide you with quality products that work for you everyday and are also stylish enough to make fantastic presents for kids!

Meet Michelle
our founder

Michelle, originally from New Zealand, moved to England to work initially. She now lives here permanently with her young family.

Michelle first decided to go into business after becoming frustrated with constantly having to put name labels on her children’s bottles. With another mum, she started a successful business – Labelistas – making personalised silicone bottle bands for kids’ drinking bottles.

With this experience behind her, Michelle decided to form a new business focusing on products for toddlers and school age children, personalisation being a key theme. She felt that the personalisation would be a unique aspect of her products, one which would not only name them but importantly would make the products belong to the child, giving a sense of control and ownership.

The importance of environmentally sound materials

Michelle began researching materials that would minimise or eliminate potentially dangerous chemicals. Having already been successful using silicone for the personalised bottle bands, she was keen to use it in the products for her new company. Alongside silicone, she added stainless steel to her list of durable, easy to clean, eco friendly materials – materials that make the products hygienic, hard wearing and long lasting.

Making life easier for busy parents

Having experienced her own children learning to feed themselves, she knows how chaotic meals can become! She wanted to create a range that made that experience as stress free and enjoyable as possible – both for parents and children. Her range combines smooth, easy to handle materials and calming pastel colours to promote peaceful food exploration. All with that personal touch.

More products

The range now includes products for your growing baby and toddler, such as children’s stainless steel cutlery sets and baby led weaning spoons, as well as the popular silicone name bands for bottles.

So Personalised Kids Stuff was born.

Personalised kids’ stuff will continue to expand their high quality range of products for your children to use everyday.  PKS is also a go to place to come for high quality presents for children – so you will never be stuck for that kids’ party gift or newborn baby gift!

We make products that are:

  • Planet friendly
  • Safe for children
  • Personalised and personal
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Intelligently thought out to make life easier
  • Recyclable – please return used products to us for specialist recycling

 We look forward to welcoming you as our customers!

Dive in and checkout our product pages and discover the benefits of PKS products for yourself!  PKS – don’t just buy products.  Buy a lifestyle!